Explore our solutions. All of them tailored to your needs and adjusted to your budget.

World Wide Outsource Solutions has learned to know their clients and to have what they need before they even ask for it. Making sure you get your solution delivered.

Call Center Solutions.

World Wide Outsource Solutions counts with the infrastructure needed to handle millions of inbound and outbound calls with neutral accent agents in multiple languages and across multiple regions.

The average waiting time in our centers to handle a call is less than 5 seconds from initiation to greeting from our agents.

We highly consider Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to assign an agent and make it perform as the client requires.

Email Solutions.

Reduced email delivery times and waiting times for your customers and request is our priority. We count with the best Words Per Minute in the market that can handle and respond to any enquiry that your receive.

Also we can manage self-hosted email servers that can host unlimited business and personal accounts, with clean reputation that your mails will never land on Junk or Spam Folders!

Live Chat and Ticket Support.

Our on-site agents handle all enquiries on real-time. We use and run reports and indicators to measure the amount and average response time of each agent, ensuring less waiting times for your people.

We integrate with the most popular tools and chat services to handle any live chat and ticket communication on the go. We are the key to stop lossing leads and create new income sources.

Team Integrations and Management.

Get talent from the regions we are currently located on or get remote talent that matches your specific requirements.

All talent and teams get through a intense evaluation and interview process before putting hands on work to ensure we get the best and qualified people to do the requirements that the job entails.

The next level is our management team, those are the most experienced and dedicated people that we can count on for every single task from the ground to the top level. They have mastered everything that we do and have developed and leadership role in our company.